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Game Over

Henry Hargreaves is the artist who brought us Deep Fried Gadgets. His latest series of works is called Game Over. Taking games from my childhood I wanted to strip away the color making the games themselves useless but draw the viewers attention to how beautiful and sculptural the forms themselves become as stand alone objects. See more [...]

Rothko in Rice

Mark Rothko’s defaced painting inspired photography Henry Hargreaves (previously on Neatorama) to recreate the artist’s famous artwork. Hargreaves told us that after hearing the story, he found that Rothko [...]

A Colorful Rainbow Of Food

Photographer and designer Henry Hargreaves really likes to play with his food! From his font made out of bacon to mosaic pictures made out of burned toast to this, his most recent fun with food project-piles of food painted rainbow colors. Some look delicious, others disgusting, and it all looks like it would have felt right [...]

Bacon Font

Henry Hargreaves made a font out of bacon! No, it’s not just a bacon font, each letter was constructed from real bacon, as you can see: It was a joint effort: Photography and direction by Henry Hargreaves, styling by Sarah Guido. See closeups of each letter at his website. Link

A Toast to The Beatles

We’ve featured a lot of burnt toast art here on Neatorama, and more than a few posts about The Beatles–but now the twain shall meet, in mixed media artist Henry Hargreaves’ series, Toasted, large-scale portraits made entirely of bread. See the rest of┬áthe fearsome foursome in all their crunchy, buttery glory on Flavorwire. Link

Blizzard Hits NYC and So Does Star Wars

We have seen examples of the New York City snowfall in the Snow in the Subway and the December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse posts here at Neatorama. A different view on this extreme weather comes from Henry Hargreaves – an artist based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – who took photos around his neighborhood and gave them a [...]