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Hen lays healthy ‘eggless’ chick

Which came first, the chicken or the egg ? One hen has turned the age-old question on its head. Vetinary officials were shocked when they were called …

We’re all Hens: Sweden Introduces Gender-Neutral Pronoun

How can you raise a child in an environment free of gender bias when the very language you speak distinguishes boys from girls? Well, Sweden is fixing that obvious linguistic flaw by introducing a new [...]

Hen Hatches Ducklings

Hilda is a hen who lives at Farmer Palmer’s children’s activity farm near Poole, Dorset, England. She apparently sat on the wrong nest of eggs and stayed there, keeping them warm, until they hatched. Surprise! The eggs were full of ducklings! Farmer Philip Palmer was unaware until then that the eggs had been laid by [...]

Mother Hen Feels Chicks Distress

Ever hear someone being called a mother hen for being worried and overprotective? That expression may turn out to be quite fitting as scientists have now discovered that a hen shows empathy if she saw her chicks in distress: To simulate this stress, the researchers exposed hens and chicks to puffs of air (as from a [...]

Ig Nobel Libretto: “Chicken versus Egg”

The 2010 Ig Nobel Prizes will be awarded this Thursday, September 30th, at Harvard University’s Sanders Theater. Tickets are sold out, but the ceremonies will be streamed live for your entertainment beginning at 7:30 Eastern time. Meanwhile, here is a mini-opera that was performed at the 2007 ceremonies. The theme for the awards that year was [...]

Wife Taming Device

In 1862, Harry Tap invented a device that he hoped would calm his nagging wife. He built six of them, one of which survives to this day and was recently featured on Antiques Roadshow. It’s not for sale, but is owned by a museum in Yorkshire: The inscription down the side reads: ‘Hen Pecked Club’s Peace [...]