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These Dinos Are Made For Walking

Just because dinosaurs are extinct doesn’t mean they aren’t fashionable -and you can be too, with the help of these amazing heels. Learn how to make your own over on Instructables. Link

Your All-Time Favorite Children’s Books

1. Whether or not you have kids, you were one at some point. Can I get your help compiling a list of the best children’s books? There must be some parents out there looking for reading material. 2. What is the most underrated city you’ve visited or lived in? 3. If you had to be roommates with [...]

Unknown 150-year-old Photo Subjects

The Museum of the Confederacy is asking for your help in identifying the people in eight Civil War-era photographs. They are hoping that someone might see a family resemblance or have other photographs of or information about these folks. Even if you don’t recognize them, it’s awesome to imagine that you knew them. See the [...]

On Music: Beatlemania Week – No. 6

“With a Little Help from My Friends” Another classic from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, “With a Little Help from My Friends” was written by Paul and John for Ringo, who had a very small singing range. They specifically kept the song almost like a simple conversation, with their characters asking questions of Billy Shears, [...]

7 Ways the Internet Has Been Used for Good

It seems like every day you hear a new story about cyber-bullying, phishing or a new computer virus. But when good people get together on the web, it’s amazing what they can achieve. 1. Preventing Suicides While you probably have heard stories about cyber-bullies pushing someone to commit suicide, there are also tons of stories about depressed [...]

The Dalek Advent Calendar

I would love having one of these in my house except that I couldn’t help but feel like I was counting down the days to my own EXTERMINATion rather than Christmas. Link Via Craftzine

The Muppet Show Theme Song

(YouTube link) By OK Go (with help from The Muppets). This is from The Green Album, available as of today. And it’s not over when the fat lady sings! -via Metafilter

Is The Last Zodiac Code Cracked?

If you’re familiar with the Zodiac Killer, then you know he created a number of coded messages, many of which took years to crack. At long last, his final unsolved message may be ciphered. A hobbiest code breaker claims that when deciphered, it reads: “KILL SLF DR HELP ME KILL MYSELF GAS CHAMBER AEIOUR DAYS QUESTIONSABLE [...]

Take Our Survey and Win Big Prizes!

We need your help! We want to get a better idea of who’s coming to our website, and what you like (or don’t like). If you have a few minutes, would you mind answering a handful of questions about (Big legal disclaimer: We promise we’ll never share your personal information with any third party.) What’s [...]

Follow the Rs and the Ls

In another example of strangers collaborating to share information online, Minnesotastan asked for an explanation for a confusing passage in the novel Free Air: She rarely lost her way. She was guided by the friendly trail signs — those big red R’s and L’s on fence post and telephone pole, magically telling the way from the [...]