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Custom Made Daft Punk Helmet

(YouTube Link) This amazing time lapse video shows the entire process involved in making a replica of the helmet worn by Thomas Bangalter of the electronic duo Daft Punk. The helmet looks spot on, with light up LED board in the front and a shiny chrome finish. However, style this fresh took 4 months to make, and [...]

The Skating King of Pakistan

Think you’re bad ass riding a motorcycle without a helmet? Well, that ain’t nothing compared to this: The Skating King of Pakistan who rollerblades behind his motorcycle that he controls using strings. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] [...]

The Most Delicious Skyrim Tribute Ever

A bacon helmet might not help you protect yourself from dragons, but on the upside, it’s probably a great way to fight off hunger while questing for hours on end. Link Via Geeks Are Sexy

Classic Helmets Turned Steampunk

If you’ve managed to put together a great steampunk version of a pop culture costume, but just can’t seem to find the right helmet, Etsy user Kyobb just might have what you’re looking for. Of course, even if they don’t work for your costume, they are simply stunning to look at and would make great [...]

LED Mohawk Viking Helmet

Thanks to some eccentrics, the fedora is making a comeback. I guess it’s that whole Don Draper chic thing. But it strikes me as inappropriate headgear for the workplace, or public places in general. This helmet made by Garrett Mace offers a classier, yet subtle statement to people that you meet. If you think the above [...]

R2D2 Helmet

Jenn Hall, a pastry artist in Philadelphia, figured that if she could make a R2D2 cake, she could make a R2D2 helmet. She was so pleased with the results of her efforts that she wore it to bed after finishing. Visit the link to see how she made the helmet. Link -via The Mary Sue | [...]

Stunt Driver Brings Mom to Work

(YouTube link) Usually its the parents bringing the kids to work, but here it’s the other way around: stunt driver Darius Hashabi brings his mom to work.┬áJust watching this will make you feel better about teaching your teenager the finer points of braking! Although there is a lot of excitement on the passenger’s side, Mom does [...]

Tradition vs. Progress: The Art of the American Fire Helmet

The iconic American fire helmet was designed in 1731, with the basic shape that is still recognizable. Safety comes first, but tradition dictates the helmet’s shape, the significance of its color, and how it is personalized. In fact, firefighters usually reject the different shape of the European helmet, despite its advantages. The last type is the [...]

A Peek at the Edwardian Ball

(YouTube link) Here are more scenes from the Edwardian Ball and World’s Faire 2011 last month in San Francisco, where the man with the Goldfish Bowl Helmet caught our attention. The Los Angeles version is scheduled for March 5th. -Thanks, Mark Day!

Armored Cat

Your cat doesn’t have a helmet? Why not? deviantART user Diarment made one for his cat Hugo. It’s reminiscent of Princess Leia’s slave girl costume, if Leia had been a cat. Link via Super Punch