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10 Stories of Lifesaving Dogs

He’s unbelievable! He’s some dog! He’s a lifesaver! That’s what l’ll call him, too! Ol’ Lifesaver! That will be your name! -Navin R. Johnson in The Jerk Dogs are wonderful. They are goofy and fun and smart and dedicated. Most of the time, they are just fun to be around, but when the situation calls for [...]

2010 National Geographic Photography Contest

Flying over the Hindu Kush Mountains in Helmand Province Afghanistan on a cold February day. Shown is Sgt Joseph Wilson at the tail gun surveying the landscape on a CH-53E Marine helicopter. Photo and caption: Jetson Nguyen That must be some view, though presumably you can’t have any fear of height to appreciate it. That and [...]

Keeping a Promise

It takes a true friend to wear a dress to a funeral -if you’re a man. Barry Delaney of Dundee, Scotland wore a lime green minidress to the funeral of a soldier killed in Afghanistan to fulfill a pact the two had made. Private Kevin Elliott and his friend, Barry Delaney, had agreed that whoever survived [...]