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‘Door to Hell’ has been burning for 40 years

A huge flame pit in the depths of Turkmenistan’s Karakum Desert has been on fire for over four decades. Often referred to as ‘The Door to Hell’, the p…

Behind the Scenes With Where the Hell Is Matt?

Surely by now you’ve seen the awesome video Where the Hell Is Matt? 2012. Marilyn Terrell of National Geographic has a look behind the scenes, because she was there taking pictures when Matt Harding recorded a portion of the dance video on the USS Abraham Lincoln last August! Read about the experience, and see a [...]

The Math Teacher From Hell

Ok, maybe not hell per se, but Silent Hill is pretty darn close. Anyway, I sure wouldn’t want to learn anything from Pyramid Head. Who knows what he would do when you get a wrong answer? Link Via Kotaku

Christian fired for refusing to wear ‘666′

A factory worker was fired from his job for refusing to wear a ‘666′ sticker believing he’d go to hell. Billy E. Hyatt was fired from a plastics facto…

Rock Em Sock Em People

If you’ve ever wanted to step inside a mesh screened box and use pneumatic arms to pummel the hell out of your buddy, who is also in a mesh box with pneumatic arms, then Hammacher Schlemmer has just made your life worth living. Called the Bionic Bopper boxing robots, with a mere $17,000 price tag, this [...]

Spiritual master offers tours of heaven

Master Kek Eng Seng has attracted criticism by claiming to take people on tours of heaven and hell. Having taken participants on a tour of hell during…

The Eighteen Layers of Chinese Hell

Some Chinese legends say that hell, or diyu, is an unground maze with 18 levels and various chambers in which one must pay for the sins of their life. Wouldn’t that make a great video game? They are quite frightening- there’s the chamber of tongue ripping (shown), the chamber of steamer, the mountain of knives, [...]

Stormtroopers: Funeral for a Friend

War is Hell, be it Sectarian, Civil or Star. And even foot soldiers for the evil Galactic Empire mourn a fallen brother. Even if they’re all made out of LEGO. Link via The Brothers Brick | Photo: Shobrick

Where Are They Now? What 8 former-celebs are up to

1. Steve Perry He was the frontman for probably the greatest guilty pleasure arena rock band of the 70s and on any given Saturday night his voice can be heard lilting out of speakers in countless bars across the country. Although Steve Perry left Journey in the mid-90s, he has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years [...]

The Lost Art of Teapot Blowing

So, you’ve got a teapot full of tea and an empty cup, what do you do? Pour yourself an nice and warm cup of tea? No, of course not silly! You put your mouth against the top of teapot and blow as hard as you can, of course! Geeks Are Sexy asked readers to send [...]