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This Is a Cucumber

Specifically, it’s a Sikkim cucumber. The plant originated in the Himalayas but can now be found in gardens around the world. Marla Aufmuth spotted this one at the National Heirloom Festival in Santa Rosa, California.  Link -via Tasteologie | Photo: Marla Aufmuth

Tasty Tomatoes

A flavorful tomato is a treasure, while the fruit that gets shipped across national borders and then ripened with ethylene gas is exceedingly tasteless. We tend to think that’s the price we must pay to have year-round produce. But now, scientists at the University of Florida say they have identified the exact chemicals, called volatile [...]

Timecard: Digital Heirloom Shows Timeline of the Dearly Departed

What happens to all of your digital web accounts when you die? All those Flickr photos, for instance. Well, Richard Banks, who works on a project called Technology Heirloom for Microsoft Research, created a device meant to pay tribute to a passed love one, called the Timecard: This is a timeline viewer, meant to represent someone’s [...]