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The Eggheaded, Noggin-Filling Story of Eggnog

There’s something deeply polarizing about eggnog. People either love it or hate it and of those that love it, even they are usually at opposing sides when it comes to homemade nog versus the commercial variety. Whether you love it have drank gallons of it this year or hate it and gag at the very [...]

7 Extreme Versions of Normal Activities

You’ve heard of extreme sports before, but these tend to cover the types of sports that are somewhat extreme on their own, like base jumping, skateboarding and bungee jumping. These particular extreme sports are different in that they feature every day activities in some sort of extreme setting that suddenly makes something very normal very [...]

Amazing Borderland Cosplay

Between the make up and clothes, this Borderlands cosplay is seriously top notch. Heck, if I worked for Gearbox, I would hire these guys to promote the sequel. Link Via The Daily What

Why Is it so Hard for Pandas to Get Pregnant?

Getty Images In the wild, giant panda mating occurs just as nature specials would have you believe. There’s intense competition for each female, and the dominant male will mate with her several times to ensure success. And that strategy works: Wild female pandas generally give birth every two years. But that low birth rate means that [...]

Fresco Destroyer Wants Royalties

Just when you thought the news of the botched fresco meme finally reached an end, Cecilia Gimenez, the woman who “restored” the painting has now approached the church that houses the fresco and demanded that they pay her royalties for the work. To be fair, more tourists have come to the church as a result [...]

Who Invented Sliced Bread?

It may get a lot of credit now, but at the time of its debut in 1928, sliced bread received less-than-rave reviews. Baker and inventor Otto Frederick Rohwedder had spent 15 years perfecting his bread slicer (finally settling on one that wrapped the sliced bread to hold it together as opposed to the hat pins [...]

Why Can You Taste Your Eye Drops?

A friend of mine recently got pinkeye. Whenever she put in her eye drops, she noticed a distinct and very unpleasant taste on the back of her tongue. What’s up with that? Grab a mirror and pull down a little on your lower eyelid. Not far from the inside edge (on the side closest to your [...]

Why Do Tomatoes Change Color as They Ripen?

Tomatoes contain two pigments for photosynthesis—chlorophyll, which is green, and lycopene, which is red. When tomatoes start to grow, they contain much less lycopene than chlorophyll, which gives them their green color. But when harvest season arrives, the days shorten and temperatures drop, causing chlorophyll to dissolve and lycopene to take over the shade of [...]

Why Do Moths Eat Clothes?

They don’t, technically. It’s actually their larvae, or caterpillars, that eat clothes, not the adult moths. It’s only a relatively small group of moths, the family Tineidae, that have any interest in your clothing. Throughout much of the US, you’ll only find two Tineidae species: the webbing clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella) and the casemaking clothes moth [...]

The Best Spy Shoes Since Get Smart

I could never walk in these darn things but heck, I’d be a terrible spy too. For those that do walk just fine in heels and are sick of carrying purses or hiding cyanide capsules in their bras, these Double Agent Shoes are just the ticket for hiding all your secret cargo. Link Via Laughing Squid