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Rumor: Darth Vader’s Armor Is Inscribed with Hebrew Words

What do they mean? There are many translations going around the Internet — assuming that the pictures are real and that’s actually Hebrew. You can find them at the link. Offer your own interpretations in the comments, because this 3PO-series droid isn’t helping me one bit. Link -via io9

Chinese Typewriters

The most agonizingly complex language that I’ve ever tried to learn is OT Hebrew, which (among other challenges) expresses vowel intonations through a vast variety of tick marks, jots, and tittles surrounding the consonants. These are not constant; rather, the meaning of the different markings varies depending upon the order of the letter within the [...]

Biblical texts "hundreds of years older"

The translation of recently discovered Hebrew inscriptions has revealed that parts of the Bible may be older than believed. The new translation of the…

Chanukah by the numbers

The ancient Greeks borrowed from the Hebrew by turning aleph and bet (the first two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, respectively) into alpha and beta, which is where the English word originates. Centuries later, Jews would repay the compliment by appropriating the Greek word geometry and creating the word gematria, which is Hebrew for “numerology.” The [...]