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9 Crazy, Creepy, and Creative Knit Projects

Maybe you can knit a scarf or a sweater. If so, imagination is the only thing standing between you and these delightfully odd creations. Well, time may be another factor. But isn’t it wonderful that some folks have the time, skills, and imagination to create these daringly different knitted works? 1. Eyeballs Max Alexander does all kinds [...]

The Late Movies: Flash Mobs Around the World

Flash mobs, defined by Webster’s as “a group of people who organize on the Internet and then quickly assemble in a public place, do something bizarre, and disperse,” have become part of global pop culture. The clips below feature some that were organized for advertisements, some for commemoration, and some just for fun — but [...]

Einstein’s immigration papers turn up

The immigration card belonging to Albert Einstein was recently discovered at Heathrow Airport. On May 25, 1933, Nobel Prize winner and father of moder…

7 Horrifying Aircraft Landings (in which no one died)

Many people board an airplane flight thinking that if anything goes wrong, they will probably die. We board anyway, knowing that the odds of something going wrong are pretty small. In these seven stories, hundreds of passengers thought it was the end for them, but thanks to skilled pilots and crew members (and a fair [...]

Battersea, and Other Abandoned Power Plants, Part 2

“QUANTUM SHOT” #589Link – article by Mark Obstfeld and Avi Abrams Never Obsolete: From Generating Electricity to Generating Art Some power stations are destined to fall into ruins, some are starting to be recognized as monuments to technology and a source of artistic inspiration, and yet others are even being converted into ultra-modern shopping malls and theme [...]