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Does wheat contribute to ill-health ?

Dr. William Davis believes modern wheat crops could be contributing to several chronic health conditions. Dr. Davis contends that the wheat that is gr…

Puma Creates An 8-Bit Game That Encourages Players To Run

To celebrate all the fun and cardiovascular health provided by the sport of running, Puma has created a charming little 8-bit video game that lets you choose a pixelated body and run free from the comfort of your office chair. It’s like entering a competition without all that icky sweat and anxiety, and you’ll even have [...]

Psst! Your Vascular System is Showing!

Actually, they’re just painted on. UK’s National Health Service is worried that the upcoming summer Olympic Games would mean that blood donors are too busy watching the games that they’d forget to donate. So it embarked on a publicity stunt to [...]

Should Hospitals Ban Fat Employees?

Our health care professionals have been haranguing us for years to lose a few pounds – so is it fair for us to expect that people working for the hospital to be, well, not [...]

Man saws off his own foot to avoid work

The 56-year-old sliced off his foot with a saw prior to undergoing a health check for work fitness. Police arrived at his home in Mitterlabill, Austri…

The end of modern medicine as we know it ?

The World Health Organisation has claimed that antibiotic resistant bacteria could cause a global crisis. The warning centers around concerns that bac…

e-Urinal Tests Your Urine And Reports Health Issues

A while back I posted an article about a urinal which doubles as a video game, and this invention was actually well received, even though I still don’t understand the allure. But this concept design for an e-Urinal really makes sense to me–a unit which is able to scan your urine and report possible health issues [...]

Hawking misses 70th birthday due to illness

Professor Stephen Hawking was unable to attend his own birthday celebrations due to ill health. While he couldn’t be at the celebrations in person Haw…

Mystery radiation detected across Europe

Nuclear officials are trying to locate the source of mysterious radiation picked up in Europe this week. While the levels are too low to pose a health…

Human Heart Wine Carafe

A bit of wine may be good for your health. Liviana Osti made this cute pair of carafes with that in mind. When the joined together, they form the shape of a heart. Link -via NotCot