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Parrots Hate Electronic Music

A new study involved exposing parrots to different types of music to see what they enjoyed. They all bobbed their head in sync with folk and rock music and one seemed particularly fond of pop music, but they all had one thing in common as well -they all absolutely hated electronic music. Researchers noted that [...]

The 30 Best Mugshots Of 2012

When people are hauled in by the police, they aren’t at their best. Still, some mug shots are head and shoulders above the rest, and tell a story all by themselves. This guy only ranked #15, so you must see the others. Link (Image source: The Smoking Gun)

Headless Ladybug

Photo: Michael Ivie Just in time for Halloween, here comes the "headless" ladybug: Ross Winton, a former entomology grad student at Montana State University (MSU), found the bug in a trap he set up in a sand dune in southwest [...]

Teacher injured by falling fish

A teacher in Southwest Florida was injured after being hit by a fish that had fallen from the heavens. Despite being hit on the head by what was later…

Musical Dental Drill

If the thought of going to the dentist filled your head with dread, this may help: a dental drill that plays music! An Indonesian dentist came up with the musical drill to help anxious [...]

Anatomical Wax Model Cake

Oh no, this cake is NOT created to look like a skinned human head. It’s modeled to look like a wax model used in anatomy classes. It just LOOKS like a skinned human head! Conjurer’s Kitchen contributed this cake to the Eat Your Heart Out event. The model is from the La Specola (Florence) museum [...]

Ooooh, What’s This Thingy Do?

As priceless as this photo is, it still seems like you’re failing at scuba diving if your head’s out of water and the animals are sneaking up behind you. Link Via Cute Overload

Runner Falls, Gets Trampled, Stands Up, Starts Running Again and Wins Third Place

Alicia Follmar, a student at Stanford University, fell hard early in a race. Then several runners ran over her. Most people would then quit. But Alicia Follmar is not most people. She stood up and, though bloody, bruised and in great pain, started running again: As she powered her way from 10th to third over the [...]

Raindrop Keeps Falling on a Hummingbird’s Head

Image: Victor M. Ortega Raindrops keep falling on its head And the hummingbird whose body seems too small to survive Nothin’ seems to matter Those raindrops are [...]

The Fish With a Penis On Its Head

A newly discovered fish in the Mekong River in Vietnam has a, how shall we say this, unique male anatomy: its penis is on its head. And the weirdness doesn’t stop there: Male priapiumfish don’t have a penis like humans and other mammals. [...]