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Robot Pets Cat; Cat is Not Amused

You know it’s officially The Future when a human-like robot (the NAO) is able to pet (well, brush, actually) a cat via a complex hack involving a treadmill, Kinect, Wii, and Head-Mounted Display (HMD). Taylor Veltrop shows us the future of human/robot/cat interaction in this video: Here’s how he describes it (emphasis added): This is the [...]

Robot Brushes Cat

(YouTube link) The Tweeting Cat Toy is handy for keeping up with your cat’s activities while you’re gone, but wouldn’t it be nice to pet your cat or even groom him from a remote location? Taylor Veltrop hooked together a Nao robot, a Kinect sensor bar, two Wii remotes, a head-mounted display, and a treadmill for [...]