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5 Questions: The Hawk Quiz

Take to the skies with today’s 5 Questions challenge: The Hawk Quiz

Kitten Dropped into Landfill by Hawk

A tiny black and white kitten was found at a dump in Nanaimo, British Columbia, and taken to the local SPCA shelter. He had been dropped there by a red-tailed hawk! “He was dropped by the hawk from not a great height, so he didn’t suffer any broken bones. He has a slightly injured foot, which [...]

5 More Animals That Romped Through New York

An escaped peacock from New York’s Central Park Zoo found perching on Fifth Avenue window ledges drew attention—and international headlines—from news crews, bird watchers and well wishers last week. The now-famous cerulean fowl, which eventually returned to the zoo on its own, got us thinking about a handful of other animals that have taken unexpected trips [...]

David vs. Goliath, the Avian Version

When scientist Pat Gaines heard a scream of a hawk while at Bonny Lake State Park in the Colorado and Kansas border, he looked up to see this amazing spectacle: a kingbird relentlessly attacking a red-tailed hawk several times its size! Gaines had focused his camera on one red-tailed hawk because the bird had been screaming. [...]