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Harvey Dent?

This fine-looking cat is named not Harvey Dent, nor Janus, nor Two Face. Not even Lokai or Bele. Her name is Venus. But her mask is quite fetching! Link

Batman Fan Film: Puppet Master

(Video Link)  FBI agent Edward Nigma will bring down Batman, the murderer of Harvey Dent. He’ll stop at nothing to accomplish that goal–even if it means cutting a deal the mysterious crime boss Scarface. Watch the story unfold in this oustanding fan film by Bryan Nest and Chris Wiltz. -via Nerd Bastards

The Missing Links: Death By Excitement

One Summer Film That’s Sure to Flop This compilation of insane belly flops will have your stomach hurting with laughter – and aching with empathy. * And One Summer Film That Definitely Won’t The Dark Knight Rises is only a few days away. And when you finally do see it, you’ll no doubt be left thinking, “This is awesome. [...]

Dr. Seuss in Gotham City

DevantART member DrFaustusAU, who brought us Horton Hears The Call of Cthulhu and Dr. Seuss’ Ghostbusters, has done it again! See his versions of Batman, Catwoman, the Riddler, the Joker, and Harvey Dent in the style of Dr. Seuss illustrations. Link -via Laughing Squid

The Dark Knight in the Style of the Old 1960s Batman

(Video Link) Harvey Dent revealed as the Batman? Ferry passengers forced to choose between murder and self-preservation? Commissioner Gordon’s family in peril? To see the resolution of this story, tune in next week. Same bat-time, same bat-channel! -via The Mary Sue

The Surprising Voices Behind Cartoon Characters

Last week we asked you to give us a few of your favorite surprising identities behind cartoon voiceovers. After checking out your terrific comments, we present a few voiceover artists you might not have suspected. Brad Garrett as Hulk Hogan When the then-WWF expanded into Saturday morning cartoons with Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling in 1985, it [...]