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All Of Harry Potter Re-Enacted By Cats

(YouTube link) Warning: May contain spoilers. It only takes these cats a minute to run through all the Harry Potter movies. I think they skipped some plot points, but what do I know… I haven’t seen any of the films. -via Buzzfeed

Make Your Own Death Eater Mask

If you’re one of those people who likes to add a certain flair to your wardrobe when seeing Harry Potter movies in the theaters, and if you think Gryffindor = a bunch of goody two shoes, then this is the perfect DIY craft for you. Instructables user TheGeek1984 provides a handy step-by-step guide to creating [...]

Mario, Harry Potter, and Star Wars Music Played in Ragtime Style

(Video Link) Martin Spitznagel performed this ragtime medley of music from Super Mario Bros., Harry Potter movies, and Star Wars. Andrew Barrett and Tom Warner accompanied him on washboards. This performance took place at the West Coast Ragtime Festival in Sacramento in 2008. via reddit | Spitznagel’s Website