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The Missing Links: Weird New Laws of the Land

Preparing For the Coming Cyber Wars This connected little town was developed just to be wrecked by hacker terrorists. * The Internet Pays Some M*%#&#f@*%#ing Respect Getty Images Check out these tributes to Samuel L. Jackson. * What Does An 80,000 Year Old Living Tree Look Like? Check out these shots of life forms that are tens or hundreds [...]

The Missing Links: Weird Wikis

Happy 60th Birthday to Pee-wee Herman Paul Reubens, the man who plays everyone’s favorite eternal child Pee-wee Herman, is turning 60 years old today. And, according to this photo gallery, it’s serious business. As a huge fan of Pee-wee, I would encourage everyone to read 10 Facts About Pee-wee Herman and check out more information [...]

Steve Ross Pays Tribute To His Dad Bob

(YouTube Link) Happy little trees run in the family as far as painters Bob and Steve Ross are concerned. Here’s a brightly colored episode which shows us that Bob’s legacy lives on in the hands of his son Steve, and boy can he paint mountain ranges like a boss! –via TDW

Fat And Happy The Simpsons Mug

Fat And Happy The Simpsons Mug – $11.95 You don’t win friends with salad. You win them with wonderful gifts from the NeatoShop and donuts.  This inspirational Fat And Happy The Simpsons Mug features both. Now go forth and make friends. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more deliciously fun Mugs. Link  

Male Seahorse Giving Birth

Happy Father’s Day, Neatoramanauts! To help you celebrate, here’s a video clip of a male seahorse becoming a daddy by doing something that moms usually do: giving birth. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] [...]

The Late Movies: Happy Birthday, Barbra Streisand

Happy 70th Birthday to singer, actress, writer, film producer, director and all-around fabulous gal, Barbra Streisand. Babs has had a pretty neat career. Besides conquering stage and screen, she holds the record for the most top-ten albums of any female recording artist. She and Katharine Hepburn are the only two women to ever share an [...]

The Late Movies: Guess The Theme 47

Happy Thursday night everyone! It’s time for everyone’s favorite game: GUESS THE THEME! All the clips below have something in common. Leave your best guesses in the comments. Be specific on this one! Jefferson Airplane – Somebody To Love The Grateful Dead – Friend Of The Devil Huey Lewis & The News – The [...]

The Late Movies: Watch Six People Get Their Hearts Ripped Out

Happy Valentine’s Day, _flossers. Instead of the usual roundup of love songs (or worse: breakup songs), I thought we’d get a little gory this year. Thus, I present you with six awesome scenes of people getting their hearts ripped out. The Simpsons In this 1992 episode titled “New Kid on the Block,” Bart falls for Laura Powers. [...]

Match Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day, Neatoramanauts! (Or to those who are married, Happy Tuesday!) I thought that this clever "match art" by Russian IT Specialist Stanislav Aristov, which went viral last year (but as often the case, [...]

The Super Mario Christmas Tree

We wish you an 8 bit Christmas. We wish you an 8 bit Christmas and a Happy NES Year. Link