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Halloween Google Doodles

Mashable has a neat post listing the Halloween edition of Google Doodle since 1999: Link If you like that, you can take a look at Google’s official Google Logo page and see all the variations throughout the years. Happy Halloween, everyone!

A Gallery Of Super Spooky Artworks

The folks over at ComicsAlliance put together this spooky gallery of artworks featuring various monsters, creatures, and things that go bump in the night as envisioned by some of the world’s finest comic book and animation illustrators. Happy Halloween! Link

Randy Bishop

We have a new gallery posted at the Neatorama Art Blog! Randy Bishop is a student illustrator and character designer who presented us with a collection of monsters and other characters from fiction and fantasy that are quite seasonally appropriate. The monster pictured here is part of a poster entitled Happy Halloween! See the rest [...]

The Late Movies: Halloween Pranks

Halloween is almost here. Just remember, scaring people can be a dangerous business. Nice right cross. Really, people need to relax. Good to know this officer is on the job. OK, they can’t all be winners. It’s always fun to see the tiny ones run. Sometimes, the simplest pranks are the best. Now this is some good parenting right here. Let’s end [...]