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Meet The Realistic Flintstones

Have you ever wondered what Fred and Dino would look like if they weren’t Hanna Barbera cartoons, but something more realistic? Well, DeviantArt user arvalis knows and her idea seems pretty spot on. Link

Water Calligraphy Machine

Nicholas Hanna is an architect by training, but he’s fascinated by Chinese calligraphy. He’s invented an ingenious gadget that writes messages in Chinese with water. It’s attached to a tricycle and as he rides it, the electronically-controlled machine sprays water onto the pavement. If you had such a device, what would you write with it? Link [...]

Man Updates Twitter and Facebook Accounts During His Own Wedding

(YouTube Link) Dana Hanna of Abingdon, Maryland updated his Facebook relationship status at the altar, immediately after the presiding pastor declared the marriage. In The Los Angeles Times, W.J. Hennigan writes: Hanna explains on YouTube that he did it for laughs and that the gag was a surprise to everybody in attendance except the minister. This would [...]