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11 Cool Places in Nashville You Really Must Visit

This summer, I started a walking tour of downtown Nashville ( After twenty years of writing about music, and interviewing the likes of Loretta Lynn, Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson, I figured it might be fun to share some of what I’ve learned, along with a few backstage stories. There are a number of tours on [...]

The Dumbest Western Ever Made

The following is an article from Uncle John’s Legendary Lost Bathroom Reader. There are plenty of worthless Westerns. But few can match this combination of two -count ‘em- hilariously lousy films in one. Director Bill “One-Shot” Beaudine managed to capture the worst elements of both dumb Westerns and cheesy monster movies and roll them into a [...]

11 Country Stars and Their Cookbooks

1. Kitty Wells Country Kitchen Cookbook by Kitty Wells (1964) The Queen of Country Music published three volumes of cookery over thirty years. In addition to down-home delights like 7-Up Poundcake (which contains a full can of the soda), she also offered Tex-Mex and Hawaiian recipes. 2. Cooking With Kenny Rogers by Kenny Rogers (1987) Rogers was a [...]

11 Musicians Who Overcame Disabilities

1. Ludwig van Beethoven At age 26, the great German composer and pianist began to lose his hearing. His problems began with a severe form of tinnitus, and it’s thought they may have been complicated by syphilis, lead poisoning, typhus, or possibly his habit of immersing his head in cold water to stay awake. Whatever the [...]

Hank’s Opponents Have Claws Out

(YouTube link) Hank, the cat running for U.S. Senate seat from Virginia, is the victim of a mudslinging ad. His name is dragged through the litter box, but he won’t respond -because he’s a cat. The YouTube video is labelled, “Paid for by Canines for a Feline Free Tomorrow Super PAC,” but the account behind the [...]

Vote Hank for U.S. Senate

If you live in Virgina, your options for Senator are pretty open. In fact, they aren’t even limited to the human species. That’s because Hank the cat is running this year. In his announcement, Hank stated: “In this time of austerity, of threats to families’ livelihoods and to our civil liberties, it is essential that we [...]

Ex-CEO of AIG Now Wants $25 Billion For His Troubles

Remember AIG, the insurance company that had to be bailed out to the tune of $182 billion, the biggest federal bailout in US history? Well, Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, the ex-CEO of AIG is back, and [...]

Revolutionary New Product: 2-D Glasses

Hank Green, brother of honorary lifetime Mental Flosser John Green and half of the videoblogging Vlogbrothers, has come up with a revolutionary new idea for a product, one that could enhance the movie-going experiences of literally millions of people. In fact, it’s more than just an idea, since Hank actually went through with it and [...]

A New Kind of Writing: Thoughts from Places

Former flosser John Green has been writing novels for years now. He’s also been making successful video blogs as part of the brotherly YouTube power duo known as the VlogBrothers. Normally, the two processes couldn’t be more different — making vlogs is usually quick and spontaneous, and novel-writing is usually, well, not. But as John [...]

Thousands of People Say Happy Birthday in Two Minutes

This rather blows my mind. I’m not sure how Hank and his computer genius friend pulled it off, but after soliciting the help from thousands of his writer brother’s fans for this birthday surprise, Hank was able to create a composite video of himself and more than a thousand other people, all saying the exact [...]