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The Curiosity Rover Landing

Remember Miss C’s post about the Curiosity Rover’s 7 Minutes of Terror? Well, it’s less than a week away now. Hank Green, over on The SciFi Show, just published this amazing, amazing, AMAZING narrated, animated look at the rover landing coming on the 5th. He’ll also be living tweeting it! So check out the vid, [...]

The Brony Anthem

(Video Link) At VidCon 2012, Hank Green played his new song about bronies–adult male fans of the cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. It’s a hilarious expression of the competing masculinities present in that body of fandom. A point of clarification: I’m not a brony. I’m just ponycurious. -via The Mary Sue | Hank Green’s Website

How to Measure the Universe

In this short animated video, Dr. Olivia Johnson of the Royal Observatory Greenwich (home of Greenwich Mean Time and the Prime Meridian) explains how scientists measure the universe using parallax, standard candles, and the Doppler effect. Got four minutes? Pick up some basic math. (Sorry, maths.) Royal Observatory Greenwich is hosting an exhibit [...]

Revolutionary New Product: 2-D Glasses

Hank Green, brother of honorary lifetime Mental Flosser John Green and half of the videoblogging Vlogbrothers, has come up with a revolutionary new idea for a product, one that could enhance the movie-going experiences of literally millions of people. In fact, it’s more than just an idea, since Hank actually went through with it and [...]

The Late Movies: Nerd Songs by Hank

You guys may or may not know Hank Green — 1/2 of the video-blog YouTube phenomenon Vlogbrothers, and the brother of John Green, novelist and former flosser. In the last few years, Hank’s taken to writing songs every few weeks for his YouTube audience, and they were so popular he actually released them last year [...]

How an Island Full of Landmines Led to a Thriving Penguin Population

by Hank Green War—what is it good for? Well, if the Falkland Islands are any indication, it certainly helps penguins. © Will Gray/JAI/Corbis For several hundred years, human activity on the Falkland Islands—roughly 300 miles off the Argentine coast—threatened its penguins’ survival. But that trend started to reverse in 1982, when Argentina and Britain began duking it out [...]