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Remembering Mom and Dad

A thoughtful young lady acquired these tattoos to remember her late parents: I got these a couple months ago for my parents who passed away when I was in high school. Its exact copies of their handwriting from birthday cards. I absolutely love them Link -Thanks, wifey!

How the Post Office Deciphers Bad Handwriting

Neither snow nor rain nor bad handwriting will stop the post office from delivering mail. But how exactly does the postal service deal with bad handwriting? With humans. Lots of them. Barry Newman of the Wall Street Journal tell us what happened to [...]

Things I Learned at NeatoBambino

Catching up on the new posts at NeatoBambino today, I learned that: 1. Offending parents of small children is a great way to gain national publicity. 2. Some schools will no longer teach cursive handwriting, and the preferred alternative is not “typing,” but “keyboarding.” 3. I will never dance as well as this kid. You’ll probably learn even more [...]

Michael Jordan Has Terrible Grammar

But I’m willing to excuse that, because this love letter penned by the basketball great in 1980 is just so sweet. Jordan’s two-page note to his “dearest Laquette” sold at auction for $5,100.66; Letters of Note posted it in full this week with a transcript. The best part? “I am trying get down there a week [...]

123 Years Of Tablet PCs

While Apple would be happy having many of us believe that the iPad is the genius invention of Steve Jobs and company alone, it turns out that tablets have been in development for over 100 years. As far back as 1888 the forerunners of today’s devices where being patented. In the 1960’s the RAND Corporation [...]

Should We Just Get Rid of Handwriting?

Missouri University School of Journalism, original photo by Mollie Sterling that went viral some years ago- via Losing Context We’ve posted about the (purported) obsolescence of cursive handwriting on Neatorama before, but should all forms of handwriting be dead? Yes, according to Anne Trubek. The Oberlin College associate professor argues that handwriting is a technology that’s [...]

Is Cursive Handwriting Necessary?

Schools are spending less time than ever teaching the art of cursive handwriting, especially as more time is devoted to typing in the early grades. On the 2007 SAT essay questions, only 15% of college-bound students used cursive writing. The rest wrote in print. Some teachers argue that writing in script helps hand-eye coordination, even [...]