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Dial-Up Modem Sound Slowed Down is Very Creepy

Remember the dial-up modem? If you’ve ever used one before, then you know the sweet sound it makes when it connects (the “handshake” sound). There’s not much use for the dial-up modem anymore (except if you’re one of the dwindling clients of Aol still connecting to the ‘Net on 56k), but the folks over at [...]

Introducing the Asymptotic High Fives T-Shirt!

The asymptotic high five is the closest thing we at mental_floss have to a secret handshake. Choreographed by Senior Editor Jenny Drapkin, it’s fun and nerdy and allows us to greet each other when we’re sick. And now it’s on a t-shirt! Now that the secret is out, there are three ways you can support the [...]