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Other Ways to Look at the Great Wall of China

Everyone has seen pictures of China’s Great Wall before, but most of those images come from a handful of viewpoints just outside of Beijing, where all the tourists tend to visit. Given that the wall stretches for over 5,500 miles, there’s quite a bit more that you almost never see. While the tourist areas are well-maintained [...]

Steampunk Laptops Now for Sale

If you have a handful of thousand-dollar bills and a penchant for all things clockwork, this might just be the best day of your life. Richard “Datamancer” Nagy is taking pre-orders for the Victorian Laptop for the first time. I’m not super interested in steampunk, but I do think Nagy’s handiwork is rather beautiful. There [...]

Life on Mars (in Utah)

What happens when a handful of super-devoted science-types stake out a piece of ground in the middle of Utah and simulate a long-term manned mission to Mars? Nerd heaven, that’s what! sent a crew into the desert (which looks pretty convincingly Martian, if you ask me) to hang with the crew, watch them measure [...]