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Ketchum Hand Grenade

Image: Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield; WICR 30377 That, Neatoramanauts, is a hand grenade patented in 1861 by William F. Ketchum. If someone threw one at you and you ketchum, you’d be in trouble. Unless [...]

The Demanding World of High-End Competitive Horseshoe Throwing

At the highest level of every sport, you will find completely dedicated athletes. Brian Simmons is the one of them. He’s the greatest horseshoe thrower in the world: This is what Simmons is thinking about as he stares down a 14-inch tall stake. He is thinking about the slippery clay, and how he might adjust his [...]

A Witness to Lincoln’s Assassination

(YouTube link) Samuel J. Seymour appeared on the TV show I’ve Got A Secret in 1956. Now, nearly 150 years after the event, YouTube has the record of a person (a child at the time), who was at Ford’s Theater the night that President Lincoln was shot and killed. One the one hand, this artifact illustrates [...]

Steampunk Predator Mask

By Jove, that fellow is using the trees! But if it bleeds, we can dispatch it. Hand me that Krag. Look for the helmet made by the artisans at Skunkworks Props. Link -via Fashionably Geek

Hand of the King Pin

Hand of the King Pin – $12.95 Attention Game of Thrones fans! Behold the Hand of the King Pin from the NeatoShop. This beautiful prop replica is made of metal and colored to look like aged gold. Are you ready for the authority and responsibility of the pin?  Be sure to check the NeatoShop for more New [...]

Zombie Hand Cupcake Stand

Zombie Hand Cupcake Stand – $7.95 Here at the NeatoShop we believe that Zombies were people too. Put a zombie to work at your next party with the Zombie Hand Cupcake stand from the NeatoShop. This deliciously fun disposable card stand can hold 24 cupcakes. It will make your next cupcake display a real scream. Be sure [...]

Amanda Visell’s Blocky New Art Toy Series

If you like your toys wooden, limited edition and hand painted then you’re going to love Amanda Visell’s new wooden figure series Wood Idol. Many of the brightest stars from childhood are present and accounted for, like Mario, the Mad Hatter, Voltron, Gizmo and E.T., all ready to sit around looking delightfully square in their fancy [...]

Phantom Hand is More than Original Hand

A strange case of a woman with a hand amputation lends credence to the idea that our brains know what our bodies should be like, even if our bodies vary from the norm. The woman, referred to as RN, was born with a deformed right hand that had only three fingers. That’s all she ever [...]

The Science of Spider-Man

(YouTube link) You can look at this two ways. On the one hand, producers Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown are taking all the fun out of a comic book superhero. On the other hand, maybe it’s a genius way to engage kids in real science! -via I Am Bored

The Ultimate Gaming Mouse

Tired of having a sweaty palm because you never move your hand from your computer mouse? Well then, it sounds like you need the Thermaltake Black Element -the only mouse to come with a built-in fan to help cool down your hand. That you could always just take a break from your game every now [...]