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Magnetic soap could help oil spill clean-ups

Soap that contains iron atoms could find use in oil spill clean-ups and in waste water treatments. Although it’s similar to hand soap, the ‘magnetic s…

Hand Soap

Hand Soap – $7.95 Are you looking for a punny gift that provides hours upon hours of good clean fun? You need the hand-shaped Hand Soap from the NeatoShop. This silly and sanitary gift is delightfully musk scented. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fantastic Bath & Body items! Link

Soap Flakes

Nathalie Stämpfli designed this soap dispenser. It takes a solid bar and grates shavings into your hand. It’s like a gourmet Parmesan cheese grater, but with soap! Stämpfli writes: Today, most of the soap we use is liquid soap, which contains a lot of water. Block soap instead is more concentrated and therefore has some ecological [...]