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Battle Of The Star Wars Scarecrows

Not so long ago on afront lawn not so far away a battle between good and evil played out between scarecrows, and it was so cool that people took pictures and shared them with the world. All of the major characters were there, from Luke and Han to Jabba and Emperor Palpatine, and even though they [...]

"I Love Your Cake" "I Know"

We’ve seen plenty of Han and Leia references in weddings before, but this might just be the first cake featuring the two posed with the Death Star. How romantic! Link Via When Geeks Wed

Star Wars Superfun Update

“QUANTUM SHOT” #773 Link – article by Avi Abrams Star Wars as You’ve Never Seen Them Before – in Geek Art and Fan Creativity! Just finished watching the original trilogy in Blu-ray edition (highly recommended, by the way) – and was pleasantly reminded that we need to update our long-running popular [...]

Star Wars Postage Stamps

You want to ship Han Solo? You’ll have to cover that entire block of carbonite in these stamps designed by Stefan van Zoggel. View the rest at his gallery. I love R2′s hat. Not everyone looks good in a hat, but R2 always looks sharp in any hat from a sombrero to a porkpie. Gallery and Article [...]

Some Seriously Sexy Geek Shoes

Sure Leia wore boots not heels, but if you ladies want to attract your own Han, you might just need to wear pumps here and there. Of course, if you’re trying to attract the kind of guys who would actually appreciate some sweet Star Wars shoes, then you probably don’t need to worry about that [...]

Han Solo With Carbonite Carrying Case Star Wars Mimobot

Han Solo With Carbonite Carrying Case Star Wars Mimobot (4G) - $41.95 In a NeatoShop not so far away there is a fantastic new Han Solo With Carbonite Carrying Case Star Wars Mimobot (4G). This great little flash drive comes preloaded with Star Wars wallpapers, icons and digital extras. With this handsome little flash drive the [...]

Photographic Proof of Leia’s Affair With Chewie

Sure Leia was always flirting with Han, but it was easy to see her eyes shooting longing looks of love over to Chewbacca, so it’s not all that surprising to see photographic evidence of their affair being made public all these years later. Link

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite in Firefly

There’s a rumor going around that a little model of Han Solo frozen in carbonite appears in every episode of the space western Firefly. Supposedly, actor Nathan Fillion (Capt. Malcolm Reynolds) is a big Star Wars fan, so the set technicians sneaked the model into the background whenever possible. Amy Ratcliffe has already found several [...]

China’s 56 Ethnic Groups

The vast majority (>90%) of Chinese are Han Chinese. The remainder are distributed among 55 other ethnic groups. This diversity was awkwardly displayed during the opening ceremonies of the last Olympic games, when a parade of 56 children representing those groups was later revealed to have been comprised of 56 Han Chinese children wearing the [...]