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Hamster Plays Dead

Move over, possum! There’s a new animal that can pretend to be dead … with much more dramatic flair. Meet, the hamster that will surely win next Oscar: Hit play or go to Link [...]

This Hamster Isn’t Big On Sharing

(YouTube Link) Can you blame this hamster for not wanting to share his snack with that greedy cat? If the tables were turned it wouldn’t even occur to the cat to share his food with the little guy, so I can see why the hamster decided to pack it in and run. What I don’t understand is [...]

French Hotel Lets You Live Like a Hamster, Because That’s Clearly What You’ve Always Wanted to Do

(Video Link) If you’ve long fantasized about living as a hamster, then have I got a hotel for you! The Hamster Villa in Nantes, France simulates the full hamster experience. Guests get furry hats and tails, an exercise wheel, a bed of hay and water from a fountain. Link -via The Presurfer

Hamster-Powered Submarine

Don’t worry, PETA! No hamsters were harmed in the making of this epic Hamster-powered Soda Bottle Submarine (Material cost of this awesomeness? $57!). Behold, HMS Hamstar! Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] | HMS [...]

5 Animals Playing Video Games

To make your Monday complete, I present you with a variety of videos featuring animals playing video games, along with analysis of whether they are good at the games. BEHOLD: 1. Real Lizard Eats Virtual Ants A bearded dragon plays “Ant Smasher,” an Android phone game. He or she is excellent, clearly differentiating between [...]

A Happy Hamster Thanksgiving

Sure Thanksgiving is over, but while watching your family members stuff their faces might not be all that entertaining, seeing a hamster munch down a pint-sized dinner is certainly enjoyable. Link

Hamster Racer

If you feel bad about your hamster’s efforts to run in the hamster wheel without getting anywhere, you might want to get him a car. It can run in place, on the floor, or on a track, and the wheel is detachable, in case the car is just not his style. Link -via Breakfast Links

Mt. Ever Climb

First it was the pavement that never ends, then the hamster bicycle , followed closely by the stairs to nowhere and the infinite cross-country skiing. Please join in me in welcoming the next logical sequence in gym machines, Neatoramanauts: behold Mt. EverClimb, a continuous rope climbing system. It’s like gym back in high school, but without [...]

Nyan Cat

Life got you down? Here’s a cheerful little video clip for you. Why it’s got cat, rainbow, and pop tart. What more do you need? You’re welcome. Move over Hamster Dance! Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

Hamster Mansion

Katja’s hamster Fred has a home to die for, for a hamster. Katja converted an Ikea Expedit bookcase into a multi-level hamster home featuring a different room for each activity. Fred has a large room for running, stairs and ladders to traverse, a room to burrow in, a room to take a dust bath in, [...]