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12 Cat-Related Patents That Are Really Quite Bizarre

To visit Google’s patent website is to lose yourself in a black hole of totally weird wannabe inventions—a surprising number of which are for your feline friends. From toys meant to encourage exercise to systems that deliver live birds for food, here are 12 really weird cat patents. 1. “Method of Exercising a Cat” If you watch [...]

Hamster Racer

If you feel bad about your hamster’s efforts to run in the hamster wheel without getting anywhere, you might want to get him a car. It can run in place, on the floor, or on a track, and the wheel is detachable, in case the car is just not his style. Link -via Breakfast Links

Human Hamster Wheel Powers a Text Message Printer

What do you get when you invite a bunch of hackers for a few days of creating fun things? How about a human-sized hamster wheel that powers a text message printer? The cool creation by 1.21 Jigawatts (presumably a Back to the Future fan) from Minneapolis, MN, won first prize of the 2011 Red Bull Creation [...]

Exercise Wheel for Dogs

GoPet, a company that manufactures dog exercise equipment, makes a dog-sized hamster wheel. The company stresses that this design is both healthy for the dog and environmentally-friendly. There’s a video at the link of several dogs using them. Link via OhGizmo!