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Trivia Contest With Pat Kiernan Starts Now!

You may have heard that I’m teaming up with mental_floss and TrivWorks to put on The Ultimate Halloween Pop Culture Trivia Night at the Bell House on October 29. But we couldn’t wait to start in on the fun, so we’re holding an online trivia contest on mental_floss, right here, right now. Here’s how it works: [...]

One in a Quarter Million Odds: After Fifty Years, All Members of This High School Rugby Team Are Still Alive

Fifty years ago, the rugby team of the Portsmouth Grammar School in Hampshire, UK posed for a photo. They went their separate ways, but all sixteen members survived the years and returned to update their picture. The odds were astronomical: The odds of all of the original first team being alive to meet for the milestone [...]

Hampshire Police Mobilize Helicopter to Vanquish Marauding Tiger

A marauding tiger was spied sitting on a lawn near a golf course in Hampshire, UK. A passerby saw the beast and called the police. The police, taking no chances with a wild ferocious animal, rang up the local zoo and got a team of keepers in the air with tranquilizer rifles. As the helicopter [...]

Dad makes Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

A Hampshire man has spent three months turning a clapped-out 1976 Land Rover into a replica of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.Stuart Wallis stripped the 34-year old wreck down to its chassis, engine and wheels before transforming it into his own version of the famous flying car.Mr Wallis, 52, of Ringwood, took on the project after [...]

Pub landlady plans exorcism

A pub landlady in Hampshire is planning on calling in an exorcist after a mysterious entity has allegedly taken to topping up the pints of her cus…

Could You Decipher the Arecibo Message?

On August 20, 1974, scientists at Cornell University and the National Science Foundation used the radio telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico to beam a message into space. Encoded within the binary digits of the message was information related to the Solar System, our number system, basic chemistry, and human DNA. 1679 digits were used for the [...]