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Lost Boy Kept Warm by Puppies

Kyle Camp of Hackleburg, Alabama is a 10-year-old with Down Syndrome. He went missing Tuesday evening, and a search was launched by the Marion County Sheriff’s office and local volunteers. The state police also deployed a helicopter to find Kyle. On Wednesday morning, volunteer Jamie Swinney followed the family’s dog down by a creek bank, [...]

Sky Garage

Problem: You want to be close to your Ferrari and don’t want to leave it at a cold and lonely garage in the basement, but you live in a high-rise apartment. Solution: A car lift that brings you car straight into your [...]

Stop Motion Crochet – Arthur Animated

This stop motion short is entitled Arthur Animated, and it documents Jo Hamilton’s amazing crochet portraiture skills, as she creates a larger than life portrait of her sadly now deceased friend Arthur Cheesman. Head over to Boing Boing if you want to watch Jo’s masterpiece grow, strand by strand, right before your eyes. Link  –via Boing Boing

Link Latte 169

#169 – Week of November 17, 2011 Twisting Dancing Cloud Phenomenon – [video & explanation]The Hidden Infrastructure of Internet – [fascinating]360 Panoramic Video Experience! – [click and drag]History of Typewriters… by lip sounds – [cool video]The Evolution of Western Dance Music – [interactive map]SuperCute Fix of the Day: Lovely Owls – [video]Enigmatic Ancient Celtic Artefact – [...]

The Late Movies: 1971

Labor Day weekend is traditionally what we think of as the end of summer. That’s just a little sad, even if you love autumn as I do. For some folks, the summer of 2011 will be the most important summer they will ever remember. I had a summer like that forty years ago in 1971. [...]

Hamilton’s Dueling History, a Haunted Bar and the Bank That Owns the Pistols: Your Guide to the Hamilton-Burr Duel

Image courtesy of Bill Coughlin/The Historical Marker Database So, you want to impress your friends with your extensive knowledge of the Hamilton-Burr duel. First, you’ve got to somehow bring Alexander Hamilton and/or Aaron Burr into the conversation. In response, your listeners are going to think, and hopefully say, something about the famous duel, because that’s the [...]

Grocery Store Opens By Itself

A grocery store in Hamilton, New Zealand opened its doors automatically without any store employees present on Friday morning. The store’s computer system opened the doors at 8AM, and shoppers came in as normal. Some bought groceries and used the self-checkout, while others just left without paying. Supermarket owner Glenn Miller was initially furious over the [...]

At the Libraries: The Very Hungry Caterpillar Fights Obesity

Every week, Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books. If there’s something fun going on in your local library, leave us a comment! Have you guys heard about this UCLA library rant? Yeah, not so nice. The chancellor has even stepped in. There are lots of other response videos [...]

Crocheted Portraits

This is not your grandmother’s doily, indeed! Portland, Oregon artist Jo Hamilton takes the art of crochet to another level by reproducing faces with yarn. She also does landscapes in crochet. Link -via Nag on the Lake

A Quest to Find Real-Life Zombies

Zombies, as you may or may not be aware, don’t exist only in the realm of fiction. The term comes from Haiti, where a rare-but-real tradition exists of people being drugged into a state so like death as to fool Western doctors. They are given funerals and mourned and buried. Then the offending sorcerer unburies [...]