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Gas Can Guitar

Jeff Hamada of Booooooom (that’s 7 Os, I have to check every time) is holding another contest. This time, he’s inviting readers to submit photos of homemade musical instruments. Here’s a cute submission from Amadeus Rokita of Hamburg, Germany. Link | Contest Information

From Cheddar Cheese to Lyme Disease: 26 Things Named After Places

You know the names. You might not know where they came from. Cheddar image via Shutterstock 1. Cheddar Cheese This ubiquitous cheese gets its name from the town of Cheddar in southwest England. Unlike other cheeses named for their town of origin, like Gorgonzola and Parmesan, Cheddar is not covered by a Protected Designation of Origin, which means [...]

Radiation Reveals Unseen Van Gogh Painting

The electron synchrotron lab known as DESY in Hamburg, Germany made a startling discovery, and confirmed the authenticity of two of Van Gogh’s works, when they exposed Still Life with Meadow Flowers and Roses to X-ray and ultraviolet analysis. This painting of two wrestlers, assumed to be lost forever, was hiding underneath the layers of paint! Here’s [...]

Origami Rhino Unfolding

You haven’t seen origami quite like this before: Origami artist Sipho Mabona designed and folded this rhino origami, which is then "unfolded" in this clever animation by Stoptrick Hamburg. Hit play or go to Link [Vimeo] [...]

Stunning Miniature Wonderland

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Stunning Miniature Wonderland Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany. This is not “tilt-shift” effect; these are real, incredibly detailed and meticulously put-together models: whole cities, working airports, including the largest model railway / railroad in the world: Link Today’s pictures & links: Mind-Bending Cityscape (“City in the Sky” by unknown Japanese artist, via, click to [...]

Meet a "Water Sommelier"

If you’re not certain which bottled water goes best with your dinner, you may need to draw upon the expertise of a water sommmelier. Rainwater is being served, rainwater that has traveled 16,000 kilometers (9,950 miles) from Tasmania to be sipped by a dozen guests sitting in club chairs in a timber-framed house in a Hamburg [...]

1000 Drawers

Wouldn’t it be neat if you took a drawer from each piece of furniture your kid had as they grew up and made one big piece of furniture out of it? Entwurf-Direkt is a cooperative store in Hamburg, Germany that functions as an art space and workshop all in one. It also serves to educate anyone [...]

8 Things You Might Not Know About Paul McCartney

Whether with The Beatles, Wings or solo, Paul McCartney has given us scores of classic songs that will live on through the ages, as long as music is enjoyed. Here are a few things you may not have known about Sir Paul McCartney, “The Cute One.” © Bettmann/CORBIS 1. He twice failed auditions to be a choir [...]

World’s Largest Model Airport

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, which has the world’s largest model railroad, has yet captured another superlative to its name: it has recently opened Airport Knuffingen, the world’s largest model airport. Over an area of 150m², there will be almost 40 different aircrafts taking off and landing, up to 360 times, daily. Since 2011, more than 150.000 working [...]

Michael Petermann’s Stupid Orchestra

(Vimeo Link) Michael Petermann arranged 150 retro appliances like an orchestra and has them play a symphony. The blow dryer organ produces preppy harmonies and humming razors whip up furious rhythms. Later accords by ventilators and wind machines cool the appliances and the mood. Petermann’s “Stupid Orchestra” can be seen and heard at the MKG Hamburg until April [...]