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Where Pumpkins Come From

The blog Pregnant Chicken rounded up a whole slew of pumpkins and Jack O’Lanterns that were arranged and carved in such a way as to illustrate a pumpkin giving birth. Many of them appear to be from obstetrician’s offices and maternity wards, because they need Halloween decorations, too! Be warned that as funny as they [...]

Neatorama’s Halloween Decoration Geekstravaganza

This Halloween, Neatorama’s already given you costume ideas and spooky food inspirations, so now it’s time to think about your home decoration. Whether you’re planning to decorate for a killer Halloween party or just want to impress the local trick and treaters, these cool geektastic decoration ideas are sure to impress. Because pumpkins are one of [...]

Halloween Steampunk Drill

Peter Montgomery made a name for himself in Glendale, California with his over-the-top Halloween decorations. This year, he plans to build a steampunk drill emerging from the earth! This picture is the concept art. Montgomery is trying to raise the necessary funds through Kickstarter, and will give credit and other prizes to those who donate. [...]

24 Hour Tombstones

Time is tight if you are just starting to make Halloween decorations, but this one can be ready in a day. Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has instructions for making your own concrete tombstone! It might not be fancy enough for an actual grave, but it is sturdy and customizable for Halloween. Link

Borax Crystal Spider and Cthulhu

Natania had already planned to make slime and ectoplasm for Halloween when she came up with an idea for crystal-encrusted Halloween decorations. Get some pipe cleaners and some borax and make your own with her recipe. Link