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The Missing Links: Art That Makes Scents

This Is Why Sports Are Great Everything about athletics that isn’t this just clouds how beautiful and wonderful sports can be. * That New Art Exhibit Stinks Literally. * Some of You Are Sick of Zombies But these zombifed corporate logos are still awesome. * Sitcom the Vote Check out what television shows are saying about the election. [...]

The Missing Links: It’s Raining Sharks

Search For Bobby Fischer At Your Own Peril Getty Images The chess master was a complex and confusing guy. * Hands Down the Coolest, Most Colorful Copenhagen Park You’ll See Today This thing actually is really, really interesting and probably unlike any park you have near your home. * I Would Have Expected A Birdie A live shark fell from [...]

So Unsexy, They’re Downright Scary

Halloween costumes weren’t always an excuse to dress super-sexy. Collector’s Weekly looks back at very un-sexy costumes from Halloweens of the past. These are more creepy, weird, and/or just plain goofy. Of the twenty images in the gallery, this eyeball may be the weirdest. Or maybe it’s the telephone heads. Or maybe the Depression-era Mickey [...]

Halloween Fun

Have you been keeping up with the Neatorama Halloween blog? I’ve been checking it every day, and I may have to go more often, because there is a ton of Halloween stuff posted! Recipes for Halloween treats both spookily artistic and simple for family projects, plenty of Halloween costumes to admire or emulate, and then [...]

Halloween Costumes From Yesteryear

Are these young folks going to extort treats for Halloween or tip over your outhouse? If they did, you’d never know how to identify the culprits, even with photographic evidence! These “women,” along with a soldier and a bandito, were dressed to the nines for Halloween in 1917. It’s just one of many pictures of [...]

Halloween Bearding Done Right – Male Edition

A beard is often used with Halloween costumes as a whimsical accessory, or to help complete the character costume you’ve decided to sport. But if you’re going to use a beard with your costume make sure you’re doing it right, or else you may end up looking like some weirdo who glued a wad of hair [...]

A Collection Of Hilarious SciFi Costumes

Here’s a collection of science fiction themed Halloween costumes that will make you laugh both at and with them, and may inspire you to create a goofy costume of your own. Some of the costumes in this gallery may result in chortling, guffawing and a tickling sensation in the ribs, so beware the funny! Link

Introducing our New Halloween Blog

Image: Anthony22/Wikipedia Halloween is my favorite holiday so it’s my pleasure to introduce our new Halloween blog here on Neatorama called Batty for Halloween. As you might’ve guessed, this new blog is dedicated to [...]

Goblin Dog Rider

  Goblin Dog Rider – $25.95 Halloween is just around the corner. Are you looking for a fun way for your pooch to embrace the spirit of the holiday?  Dress up your good natured pet in the Goblin Dog Rider from the NeatoShop. This fantastic latex goblin easily attaches to your dog’s midsection.   The Goblin Dog Rider [...]

Halloween Costume Gallery

Geeks Are Sexy asked readers to send in photos of their Halloween costumes to share, and they posted the responses in a gallery today. Here, Suzanne models her 2011 Nyan Cat Halloween costume. It’s not the only Nyan Cat costume in the gallery. Check out all the superheroes, TV and movie characters, monsters, zombies, memes, [...]