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"La Muerte" Halloween Mask

Artist Chet Phillips (previously at Neatorama) designed this downloadable mask for those who waited until the last minute to plan your Halloween costume. It’s described as “a cross between a monkey skeleton, the Grim Reaper, and a lucha libre mask.” However you see it, it’s scary cool! Link-Thanks, Chet!

Some Of The Ways A Halloween Costume Can Suck

Here’s a clever, and colorful, chart that will help you make sure your Halloween costume doesn’t suck this year. Keep these five points in mind as you’re putting your outfit together, and if you see a sad kid on the sidewalk with a sucky costume give them a bit of advice about how to be a [...]

Evolution of a Raptor Suit

(YouTube link) How did they make the velociraptors in Jurassic Park look so terrifying? They were real guys inside suits! John Rosengrant, who was the lead raptor in the film, shows how they came up with the technique from concept to film. Now that would be the ultimate Halloween costume. Read more at the Stan Winston [...]

Halloween Costume Ideas for Inanimate Objects

(YouTube link) Like his trips to the supermarket and the department store, Jeff Wysaski brings the puns fast and heavy in this Halloween costume roundup. Link -via Daily of the Day

Downloadable Weeping Angel Mask

Doctor Who fans know how terrifying the Weeping Angel is, and what an awesome Halloween costume it would be. Download and print your own mask! Link -via The Daily What Geek

Edward The Owl

Edward The Owl – $47.95 (front and back shown) Are you on the hunt to find the the perfect Halloween costume for your wise little toddler. Feast your eyes on the Edward The Owl costume from the NeatoShop. This adorable plush costume includes hood, body piece, and leggings. It is a real hoot. Edward The Owl Trick [...]

Roy Lichtenstein Costume

Sarah Hoke Thomson’s brilliant Halloween costume brought a Roy Lichtenstein painting to life. The more ambitious among you should try this with Jackson Pollock paintings. Link -via Fashionably Geek

Halloween Costume Gallery

Geeks Are Sexy asked readers to send in photos of their Halloween costumes to share, and they posted the responses in a gallery today. Here, Suzanne models her 2011 Nyan Cat Halloween costume. It’s not the only Nyan Cat costume in the gallery. Check out all the superheroes, TV and movie characters, monsters, zombies, memes, [...]

Zombie Iron Man Is Falling Apart

Zombie Iron Man showed up at the Paris Zombie Walk 2011 looking like a billion bucks. I’m surprised he wasn’t at Occupy Wall Street supporting the 1% by eating protestor’s brains! Wouldn’t it be hilarious if this caught on as a Halloween costume? Link

Alternative to Pumpkins

DRB QUICK SHOTLink Why only carve pumpkins? Why not watermelons? NINJA Watermelons! … but for those who insist on pumpkins – make’em feral and alien, then, to give us a better scare: (originals unknown) … and if you have a crab, dress him in Halloween costume, instead! – If you don’t have a crab – (left image via) Pumpkin with [...]