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The Doomed Star Eta Carinae

J. Hester/Arizona state University, NASA/ESA Boom! You’re looking at the doomed binary star Eta Carinae which looks like it’s exploding. The two lobes are actually hot gaseous matters and dust which are moving outwards at about 1,500,000 [...]

The Other Space Race

“QUANTUM SHOT” #744Link – article by Simon Rose and Avi Abrams Active Space Programs in Iran, Brazil, India, Japan, China, Israel… is it going to get crowded even without USA or Russia? Back in the early sixties, John F. Kennedy declared America‚Äôs intention of putting a man on the Moon, a dream that was fulfilled with the [...]

A Cometarium

Harvard University’s Putnam Gallery has a collection of historical scientific instruments. Pictured above is Benjamin Martin’s cometarium, which dates back to about 1766. Here’s what it did: This apparatus was designed to demonstrate how the speed of a comet varies in its orbit according to Kepler’s law of equal areas. The comet Benjamin Martin chose for [...]