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5 Animal Myths You Probably Believe

You know how when you cut a worm in half you’ll get two worms and how mice love cheese? If you said yes, then actually you don’t know much about these creatures. Cracked recently took a look at common animal myths that are actually totally bogus. How many of these did you still believe before [...]

Great Photos of New York From 1936-1951

Even if you’ve never been to New York, you’ve certainly seen enough movies and tv shows filmed there to get an idea of what it looks like these days. If you want to see what it looked like around the early half of the last century though, you might want to head to The Jewish [...]

25 Things You Didn’t Know Had Names

Here is a list of 25 everyday things you may or may not know had names. I didn’t know half of these such as my favorite, the Philtrum, “The groove located just below the nose and above the middle of the lips.” Link

Dozer The Goldendoodle Joins Maryland Half Marathon

(YouTube Link) Dozer the goldendoodle somehow escaped from his yard in Fulton, Maryland. What did he decide to do with his newfound freedom? He joined in the Maryland Half Marathon and ran approximately 7 miles of the race on his own. When he stopped for water at rest stations people assumed he was running with his [...]

The People Clock

Have you ever looked at a group of cheerleaders or acrobats and thought “I wish they would do something useful with all those fancy moves?” Well, now artist Billy Chasen has conceived The People Clock. It’s a digital web based clock where the digits are composed entirely of people. Instead of half past noon, now [...]

The Number of the Day: 2.71

On average, French adults consume 2.71 alcoholic beverages a day—less than half as much as their relatives did a half-century ago (5.65 drinks/day in 1957). Related Fact: That 2.71 figure includes 1.55 glasses of wine, just over half a shot of spirits, a half a glass of beer, and 7% of a glass of cider or [...]

The Scariest Story

Allie Brosh at Hyperbole and a Half has a new post in which she relates her experiences with childhood nightmares. This, of course, affected everyone around her. Link

The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas

Allie at Hyperbole and a Half tells about the time she decided to rewrite the story of Jesus’ birth to give it more pizzazz. The production included a flying baby Jesus, two drunk wise men, and Kenny Loggins. And although it was supposed to be serious drama, her family rolled on the floor, as you [...]

Dogs Don’t Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving

Allie at Hyperbole and a Half has been busy moving to a new home in a different state. She’s now found time to tell us about the emotional trauma the move caused for her two dogs. As expected, the story is accompanied by illustrations that will make you giggle uncontrollably. Link

The Great Wall of Croatia

The town of Ston, Croatia, is protected by a wall three and a half miles long. This archaeological gem was built during the fifteen century while the region struggled for some margin of independence from the Ottoman Empire. It gradually decayed over time and was devastated by an earthquake in 1996, but restoration is presently [...]