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DNA can’t be recovered from dinosaurs

Dinosaur cloning might never be possible as DNA is found to have a half-life of only 521 years. For a long time researchers have been investigating th…

Meet Michigan J. Headcrab

(YouTube Link) Things have gotten a lot stranger since we last checked in on the world of Half-Life, and either the “fumes” are getting to us or the Headcrabs have learned to sing and dance and are now more concerned with entertaining humans than eating them! The Michigan J. Protocol was created by Zachariah Scott, with the [...]

The Creepiest Home Decor In The World

ThisĀ  Half-Life Barnacle by German artist Daniel Ritthanondh is incredibly detailed and realistic, but it’s too damn creepy to actually use in any respectable home. Would any of you actually put this up? Link Via Kotaku