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How to Tell the Quads Apart

(Live Leak link) Tan Chaoyun is the mother of identical quadruplet boys. The six-year-olds are starting school, and teachers at the local primary school in China are concerned over how to tell the four boys apart. So, Tan ordered them all different haircuts. The barber shaved their heads, leaving a small patch on each boy’s head [...]

Extreme Grooming for Animals

Absolutely no photoshoppery involved here, no siree. I refuse to believe that punk bird is anything less than real, so I can’t tell you how Mladen Penev got animals to sit still long enough for impressive haircuts [...]

SUV Crashes Through Barbershop, Barber Keeps Cutting Hair

(Video Link) The above video shows a SUV crashing through the front wall of a barbershop in Anchorage, Alaska. Shop owner Heng Song paused to make sure that no one was hurt, and then resumed cutting the hair of his customer: He was momentarily stunned, yes, when the vehicle burst through a door and window Wednesday afternoon [...]

Wang Xiaoyu performs headstand haircut

Wang Xiaoyu, 35, gives a model a haircut while standing on his head near his barbershop in ChangshaWang, a barber of 15 years who has had 18 years of training in martial arts, is now trying to attract more customers by giving haircuts whilst adopting a headstand, local media reported. a Chinese hair-stylist, trained in [...]