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Rare ‘white’ black bear captured on camera

A rare white North American black bear was spotted recently in British Columbia, its only known habitat. From a distance the white North American blac…

Where to Find Penguins

You can see penguins in zoos all over the world, but to enjoy these birds in their natural habitat, you want to go to where they live. And you don’t have to go to Antarctica. Penguins thrive in twelve nations that are much easier to get to -as far north as Ecuador! Read about each [...]

This Room Is Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind

This psychedelic habitat looks like a great place to *ahem* sit around with friends and laugh at stuff. Part of the Nautilus House in Mexico City, a conceptual abode that’s shaped like a giant shell, it looks perfect for entertaining and terrible for getting any kind of serious work done. Take a mini tour of this [...]

How to Trap a Baby

Babies in their natural habitat are often difficult to capture. But this video shows how you can use sweet foodstuffs to set an effective trap to catch this elusive prey. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] -via The Daily What

World Habitat Day

The first Monday in October (October 4th this year) is designated by the UN as World Habitat Day, a day to raise awareness of housing needs globally and in our communities. Habitat for Humanity is participating, as they do every year, with a variety of events. Habitat for Humanity’s 27th annual Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work [...]