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The New Single-Medal Countries (and Two That Left the List)

A few weeks ago, we gave you 21 countries that have only won a single Olympic medal. Now that the London Games are through, it’s time to update our list with the countries that netted their first-ever medal this summer, and the two countries that have now moved into multiple medal territory. First-time medals Bahrain Getty Images Bahrain thought [...]

The 21 Countries With One Olympic Medal

Earlier today, we quizzed you on the countries that have won more than 100 Olympic medals. Now it’s time for the other side of the equation. Twenty-one countries have won just one medal. Here are the stories of the national heroes who brought them home. Afghanistan OMAR SOBHANI/Reuters/Landov Despite making appearances at 12 Olympic Games since 1936, Afghanistan [...]

Plans for the World’s Tallest Wooden Building

Illustration: Reilulf Ramstad Architects Norway plans to construct a wooden building 16-17 stories tall with carbon neutral construction techniques. The Norwegian Barents Secretariat will use it for a cultural center for the nation’s northern coast. It will house a library, a theatre, and art studios in its approximately 10,000 square meter interior space and will highlight [...]