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Understanding the Monty Hall Problem

The Monty Hall problem is a logic puzzle named for the American gameshow host of Let’s Make a Deal. It’s one of my favorite such problems, because it’s an example of math completely contradicting my gut instinct. Even though I know the math says to do one thing, my gut consistently says the [...]

There Are Only 3 Kinds of People, According to Gut Bacteria

There are many ethnicities of man, but according to microbes, there are only three kinds of people: Our gut contains trillions of bacteria, known collectively as the microbiome. Their cells outnumber our own by ten to one. We are, to the closest approximation, thriving communities of bacteria encased in a human shell. No two people [...]

Disgustingly Helpful Medical Advances

Did you know parasitic gut worms may help prevent you from developing allergies? Or that the fluid excreted from maggots might actually be helpful in keeping your wounds clean? Were you aware that an even healthier version of human breast milk can be produced by mice spliced with human genes? The real question, of course, [...]