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Three Teens and a Deputy Injured in Drunk-driving Simulation

Drinking and driving don’t mix. You know what else doesn’t mix? Teenage drivers and drunk-simulating goggles. A group of Explorer’s Club members in Elkhart, Indiana were taking turns driving around a parking lot in a golf cart wearing the goggles, which distort the wearer’s vision. Around 7 p.m. investigators believe the 14-year-old driver took a turn [...]

9 Really Dangerous Pieces of Art

Normally when artwork is described as “dangerous,” it means it challenges the viewer to think and feel outside their comfort zone. But here are nine pieces of art that were not only emotionally dangerous, but physically as well. 1. The Umbrellas [Image credit: Dddeco] Starting in the 1960s, married environmental artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude traveled the world, [...]