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This Is What It Looks Like When You Fire a Gun Underwater

Andrew Tuohy of Vuurwapen Blog captured this high speed shot of a .45 caliber M1911 handgun being fired underwater. Did he have to modify it to fire underwater? “Nope,” he writes. John Moses Browning knew what he was doing when he invented that gun. Link -via Say Uncle

Stealing Gas from a Police Car

Bad: Stealing gas Worse: Stealing gas from a police car Neatorama-worthy: Stealing gas from a police car, and posting a photo of the crime in progress on [...]

DIY Grappling Hook Launcher

You can buy a grappling hook launcher, but they’re expensive. Instructables member and MIT mechanical engineering student crreed figured that he could build his own. The force is provided by a paintball gun CO2 canister and the barrel is a copper pipe held in place by the frame of a Nerf gun. Link -via Technabob [...]

Duke Nukem Visits The Shining’s Overlook Hotel

(Video Link) Have you ever found yourself wondering about the layout of the Overlook Hotel while watching the Shining? No? Well, me neither, but film analyst Rob Ager sure has, and he’s made an unusual little film about it, in which he uses a Duke Nukem mod as a virtual tour guide with a gun. Link

Intruder Locks Himself in Bathroom, Calls Police for Protection from Homeowner

The suspect wasn’t doing anything odd, really. He just broke into a house and started taking a shower. No big deal. The homeowner found him there and demanded to know what he was doing. The intruder, fearing for his life, locked himself in the bathroom and called 911: Accompanied by two German shepherds, the homeowner asked [...]