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Dress Made Out of 50,000 Gummy Bears

For its debut, Twelv Magazine commissioned this Alexander McQueen-inspired dress made out of 50,000 gummy bears: To build the design, stylists Hissa Igarashi and Sayuri Marakumi twisted steel wire into the shape of a dress and covered it with vinyl. [...]

Body Parts Sushi Gummy Candy

Body Parts Sushi Gummy Candy – $3.95 Halloween is right around the corner. Are you looking for the perfect sweet treat to go with your zombie costume? You need the Body Parts Sushi Gummy Candy from the NeatoShop. This gruesomely delicious candy is shaped like sushi pieces with body parts and includes a handy dandy pair [...]

Looks Like Sushi, Tastes Like Candy

Video Link These candies are for people who like to play with their food. They look like sushi but are actually made of grape flavored jello, gummy candy and soft candy. I’m almost certain that the ingredients in these liquids and powders would be found in a lab rather than in the food group pyramid so [...]