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Gladiator Helmet Made from Gummy Bears

Life in the arena is fast, bloody and short. Protect yourself with this helmet made by gummy bear artist Crummy Gummy. Also, be sure to check his other work at his website, much of which consists of funny scenes acted out by gummy bears. Link -via Walyou | Artist’s Website

Gummy Bearskin Rug

Get it? It’s a gummy bear shaped into a bearskin rug by Brock Davis. Well, I thought it was funny. Link via Colossal

Gummy Bear + Potassium Chlorate = Fiery Candy Death

So the St. Albans Science Department put up a video showing what happens when a gummy bear is dropped into a test tube containing molten potassium chlorate (KClO3). The “Science Department” (quite possibly a “Mad Science Department,” if you ask me) explains the result like so: Molten potassium chlorate is a strong oxidizing agent that reacts [...]