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RIFT Plans To Break The World Record For Virtual Marriages

Wanna get your MMO romance on and help set a new world record? Well, if you happen to play RIFT, then get married in the game on Valentine’s Day and you can help them set a Guinness record for most virtual marriages in a 24 hour period. Personally, the fact that you can incorporate a [...]

$11 Million Christmas Tree

They do things differently in Abu Dhabi. The Christmas tree gracing the atrium at the Emirates Palace Hotel is decked with real gold and precious gems. The hotel’s general manager, Hans Olbertz, was quoted in local newspapers Thursday as saying the 43-foot (13-meter) faux fir has 131 ornaments that include gold and precious stones such as [...]

Alik Gershon Chess Master Breaks Guinness Record

Alik Gershon Israeli chess grandmaster on Thursday began a marathon chess match against 520 players in an attempt to beat the Guinness record for simultaneous chess games, currently held by Iran.The tournament began in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square with grandmaster Alik Gershon shaking hands with every single player as he walked along rows of tables [...]

World’s Longest Enchilada

World’s longest enchilada measures in at 230ft They must have big appetites down Mexico way – the world record-loving nation has created a colossal enchilada. The good people of Iztapalapa cooked up a 230ft-long, almost one and a half-ton enchilada which is now an official Guinness record. The massive concoction was made of corn tortillas, [...]

The World’s Longest Enchilada

People in Iztapalapa, a borough of Mexico City, assembled the longest enchilada in the world. It measured 70 meters long and weighed 1,416 kg: Guinness record official Ralph Hannah announced that it was the world’s biggest. The colossal concoction was made of corn tortillas, white onions, serrano chilis, green tomatoes, avocado, cheese, cream and a sea of [...]

Skating Babies Commercial

(DailyMotion Link to Video) Evian water produced this tricked out commercial featuring babies roller skating to the Sugar Hill Gang song, Rapper’s Delight, to remind us all to “live young.” Cuteness abounds. The spot won a Gold Award at the London International Awards 2009 for Best Visual Effects and set a Guinness record. The viral versions of [...]

10,000 lanterns Guinness World record

10,000 lanterns released to break Guinness record in Jakarta Indonesians release lanterns into the sky in an attempt to break a world record in Jakarta December 5, 2009. Thousands of people helped break the Guinness World Record for the most number of lanterns released at the same time into the sky, according to organisers. A total [...]