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Great Dane declared world’s tallest dog

A Great Dane called Zeus has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest dog ever recorded. Three-year-old Zeus towers over most dogs at a sta…

Towser The Distillery Cat

Mice love to feast on barley and can quickly overrun a distillery where the grain is plentiful unless steps are taken to control them. From 1963 til 1987 a longhaired tortoiseshell cat named Towser was charged with keeping the rodent population in check at the Glenturret Distillery in Crieff, Scotland where Famous Grouse whiskey is [...]

Largest Omelette | Omelette Recipe

world’s largest omelette : Turkish chefs set a new world record for the world’s largest omelette Recipes during World Egg Day events in capital of Ankara.How To Make Omelette was cooked in a giant fryer which is 10 metres in diameter. During the event, 65 cooks whisked 110,010 eggs to cook the omelette of 4,400 [...]

Superheroes break World record in Melbourne

Melbourne Superheroes entered the Guinness Book of Records. The city’s Federation Square saw 1245 people break the world record for the most number of people dressed in superhero costume, in one place at one time.The CBD was no place for bad guys on Saturday with Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, the Green Lantern and other [...]

World Record Holders For Largest Food

Around the world, people constantly have the drive to be immortalized in the Guinness Book of Records. Some try to fit the most billiard balls in their mouth, while others work together to make the world’s largest food of its type. Web Urbanist has a collection of the later and the results are somehow both [...]

Man Visits Every Country on Earth

55-year-old Indian citizen Kashi Samaddar has completed an almost-seven year trip around the world. He has visited all 194 countries in the world, thereby setting a world record. He spent £350,000 to visit every country on earth in the shortest time possible and thereby earnt himself a mention in the Guinness Book of Records – just [...]

Giuliano Stroe 5 year bodybuilder 6 pack

Beef cake: Five-year-old Giuliano Stroe shows off his impressive physique A muscle-bound boy has been entered into the Guinness Book of Records after performing an incredible physical stunt. Romanian Giuliano Stroe, five, has been training since the age of two in Italy – where he lives with his family – and now the hard work has [...]

Sultan Kosen world’s tallest man at 8ft

Sultan Kosen world’s tallest man at 8ft 1in At 8ft 1in tall, he stands head and shoulders above the competition. But finding love is still proving a tall order for Sultan Kosen. Yesterday, as the 27-year-old Turk officially claimed the record of the world’s tallest man, he said he hoped his new-found fame would help him find a [...]

World’s Biggest Porcelain Jar

World’s Biggest Porcelain Jar Porcelain master Xu Sijin and a team of painters worked for more than a year to complete this giant black and white porcelain. The painting on the jar depicts the three gorges of the Yangtze River. The giant porcelain jar stands 1.36 meters tall, has a diameter of 6.8 meters and weighs [...]

Cathie Jung world Smallest Waist

Pensioner Cathie Jung has worn tight-fitting corsets for years to become the woman with the world’s smallest waist. The super-fit 70-year-old has a tiny waist which measures just 15in (38cm) – making her figure distinctly hourglass. The Queen of Corsets, as she has aptly named herself, appears in the new edition of the Guinness Book of World [...]