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9 Pet Races You Might Want to Host Yourself

Forget heading to the track to catch the horses, instead, grab your pets and some fellow pet owners and throw your own races right at home. Need a little inspiration? Here are a few great pet races: Dachshunds (Video Link) This is one of the biggest pet racing sports around, in part because it’s sponsored by a major [...]

How Long Would It Take A Guinea Pig To Mow Your Lawn?

Have you ever wondered how long it would take your pet guinea pig to mow the lawn? Me neither, but now that I think about it having an army of guinea pigs mow my lawn every day would be pretty freakin’ cute, that is until the hawks and crows move in for an all-you-can-eat buffet. For my [...]

Caption Contest: Crazy Cute Cuscus

Photo: Blake Everson/Originpng – via Trekearth and Arbroath Hello, Neatoramanauts! Welcome to a new weekly caption contest series with fun prizes from the NeatoShop. Every week on [...]

What Do Snakes and Sticks Have to Do With Doctors?

If you’ve ever seen the World Health Organization or American Medical Association logo, or the “star of life” on the side of an ambulance, you might have wondered what a snake wrapped around a stick has to do with those who fix what ails us. Well, that stick is the asklepian, or rod of Asclepius. In [...]

The Late Movies: Roomba Riders

Who rides on a Roomba vacuum cleaner? Anyone who isn’t heavy enough to crush it! Which unfortunately, leaves most of us out. Kittens How many kittens can you get on a Roomba? All of them! * Dog * Ferret * Hamster * Chick (with cat) * Prairie Dogs * Guinea Pigs * Cat, Not Dog No Roomba for you! * Baby *

World’s Smallest Frog

A newly-discovered frog, Paedophryne amauensis, is not only the smallest frog species, but the smallest vertebrate ever found. The frogs were found in the rain forest of Papua New Guinea, living among fallen leaves. They are 7 millimeters long, about a quarter of an inch. They are well camouflaged among leaves on the forest floor, and [...]

The Dark Tower: Found!

“QUANTUM SHOT” #736Link – article by Avi Abrams The Ultimate Black Obelisk That Nature Has Made (in Sao Tome) Maybe you’ve read Stephen King’s huge fantasy epic “The Dark Tower”, or perhaps the Tower of Mordor from “The Lord of the Rings” more readily comes to mind? In any case, you’ll be surprised to find the fantastic [...]

11 Scientists Who Experimented on Themselves

Would you inject 50 hookworms under your skin for your job? Or steam in a vomit sauna for a few hours? Hopefully we non-scientists will never have to answer questions like these. But for the 11 brave souls on this list, experimenting on themselves was all in a day’s work. 1. Benjamin Franklin The man on the [...]

24 Utterly Adorable Pet Halloween Costumes

Whether or not you would ever dress up your own pet, it’s hard to deny that critters look cute in Halloween costumes, no matter what species they happen to be. Here are some of the best animal Halloween costumes from around the web for your holiday ogling pleasure. Dogs 1. The Incredible Hulk Who would have guessed that [...]

Ancient & Marvelous Turtles

“QUANTUM SHOT” #720 Link – article by Avi Abrams Secret of their survival? - They go inside their shell for a long time and THINK. Then, they ACT. Or rather, don’t. Turtles are old species. How old? They existed before mammals, birds, crocodiles and lizards… some say even before the dinosaurs themselves, well into the Triassic period (more info). They [...]