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Little Bottles

I must admit some guilt in this scenario, but the upstairs bathroom our three teenage daughters use is even worse! This Twaggie was illustrated by Dave Collier from a Tweet by 1BigMick. See a new illustrated Tweet every day at Twaggies! Link

Guilt Trip Nifty Note

Guilt Trip Nifty Note – $3.95 Are you a very busy individual who does so, so, so much for others?  Don’t let time stop you from your obligation to remind people of their transgressions. You need the Guilt Trip Nifty Note from the NeatoShop.  The Guilt Trip Nifty Note provides 50 sheets of checkoff reminders that [...]

Use Less Water or This Fish Dies

How can you force people to be more water wise? By making them think that an innocent animal’s life depends on their actions. Designer Yan Lu’s “Poor Little Fish Basin” uses guilt and fear to help curb the wasteful use of water. Every time someone uses the sink, the water in the fish bowl—which is not [...]

Did "Trial by Ordeal" Actually Work?

A man is accused of a crime. Is he guilty? Stick his hand in a pot of boiling water. If he is unharmed, God has proclaimed his innocence and protected him. If the suspect is burned, he’s guilty and can be punished (further). This is the basic premise of the legal tradition of trial by [...]